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                                                                                                                        ASR Control  23-000840




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Board of Supervisors

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OC Public Works   (Approved)

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Justin Kirk (714) 667-1627 



Hadi Tabatabaee (714) 667-8843



Subject:  Approve Completion of Improvements and Release of Security for Tract Map 17591


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Clerk of the Board


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3 Votes Board Majority




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County Audit in last 3 years: No

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    Prior Board Action:         4/24/2018 #16, 10/20/2015 #9, 11/8/2004 #1






Certify completion of streets, street lights, sewer, water, storm drains and monumentation for Final Tract Map 17591.



Accept, by Resolution, easements for public street purposes of Tila Street, Arriate Street, Lustre Street, Alimon Street and Granja Court, as dedicated pursuant to Tract Map 17591 and direct the Clerk of the Board to cause a certified copy of the Resolution to be recorded without acknowledgement or further proof with the OC Clerk-Recorder.



Adopt the Resolution, pursuant to California Streets and Highways Code Section 941, finding that Tila Street, Arriate Street, Lustre Street, Alimon Street and Granja Court are necessary to public convenience and accept the public road improvements into the County Highway System.



Authorize the release of bond securities furnished by Tri Pointe Homes, Inc. for streets, street lights, sewer, water, storm drain and monumentation for Final Tract Map 17591.








Certification of completion of streets, street lights, sewer, water, storm drains and monumentation for Final Tract Map 17591 will confirm that improvements have been completed in conformance with County of Orange approved plans and specifications and will allow for the release of performance securities pursuant to Government Code Section 66499.7.






Final Tract Map (FTM) 17591 is located in the southeastern portion of unincorporated Orange County, easterly of Antonio Parkway and northerly of Cow Camp Road between Chiquita Canyon to the west and Gobernadora Canyon to the east, within the Ranch Plan Planned Community (RPPC). It is located within Planning Area 2 (PA2), Subarea 2.2, lots 1-57 and A-J of "B" FTM 17581 and lot F of "A" FTM 17562.


On November 8, 2004, the Board of Supervisors (Board) approved a General Plan Amendment (Resolution No. 04-291); Zone Change (Resolution No. 04-292 and Ordinance No. 04-014); Development Agreement (Resolution No. 04-293 and Ordinance No. 04-015); and adopted Resolution No. 04-290, certifying Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) No. 589 as complete, adequate and in full compliance with the requirements of CEQA for the entire 22,815-acre RPPC. Following litigation files over that approval, subsequent settlement agreements were executed regarding: 1) regional transportation impacts associated with implementation of the RPPC and 2) the appropriate/desired scope of biological resource protection to be implemented within the boundaries of the RPPC were finalized in August 2005. The Master Area Plan for PA2, including Subarea 2.3, was approved by the Planning Commission (PC) on March 27, 2013, followed by Subdivision Committee (Committee) approval of corresponding "A" Vesting Tentative Tract Map (VTTM) 17562 on December 4, 2013. On October 20, 2015, the Board approved FTM 17562.


VTTM 17591, approved by the Committee on November 1, 2017, is a further subdivision of FTMs 17581 and 17562 and is part of the final development plan for Subarea 2.2. FTM 17591 provides for the development of a 13.56-acre site into 72 numbered lots for residential units (Conventional Single-Family Detached Dwellings) and nine lettered lots for storm drains, landscape and open space.


On April 24, 2018, the Board approved FTM 17591 and Subdivision Improvement Agreement S1801-221 (Agreement) with Tri Pointe Homes, Inc. (Subdivider), which required certain improvements to be made with respect to the subdivision. Security in the form of bonds was provided by the Subdivider to guarantee the completion of the required streets and street lights, sewer, water, storm drain and monumentation.


The monumentation required for FTM 17591 has been certified as complete and the certifier has acknowledged payment for monumentation work. The streets, street lights, sewer, water, storm drains and monumentation have been completed. The improvements are constructed in accordance with County of Orange and Santa Margarita Water District approved plans.


The public improvements required under the Agreement can now be certified for completion and accepted pursuant to Government Code Section 66499.7 of the Subdivision Map Act and the securities guaranteeing performance may now be released. The County is authorized, pursuant to Streets and Highways Code Section 941, to accept streets into the County Highway System when those streets serve the public convenience. Subdivider has completed the construction of Tila Street, Arriate Street, Lustre Street, Alimon Street and Granja Court, which connect to other portions of the County Highway System and will serve the public convenience by connecting the RPPC to the County Highway System and it is appropriate to accept these streets as serving the public convenience.


Compliance with CEQA:  The project is a necessarily included element of the projects considered in FEIR No. 589, which was certified by the Board on November 8, 2004; Addendum 1.0 to FEIR No. 589, approved on July 26, 2006, by the PC (PA06-0023); Addendum 1.1 to FEIR No. 589, approved on February 24, 2011, by the Interim Director, OC Public Works (PA11-0003 through PA0006); the PA2 Addendum to FEIR No. 589, approved on March 27, 2013, by the PC (PA130001 through PA130004 and PA130006); and Addendum 3.1 to FEIR No. 589, approved February 25, 2015, by the PC (PA140072-81); that adequately addressed the effects of the proposed project. No subsequent changes have been made in the project; no substantial changes have occurred in the circumstances under which the project is being undertaken; and no new information of substantial importance to the project that was not known or could not have been known when FEIR No. 589, Addendum 1.0, Addendum 1.1, the PA2 Addendum and Addendum 3.1 were certified and approved have become known; therefore, no further environmental review is required.














Attachment A - Subdivision Improvement Agreement No. S1801-221
Attachment B - Resolution
Attachment C - Project Location Map
Attachment D - Field Record and Completion Sheet
Attachment E - Government Code Section 66499.7
Attachment F - Public Streets and Highways Code Section 941