Agenda Item   



                                                                                                                        ASR Control  22-000519




legal entity taking action:

Board of Supervisors

board of supervisors district(s):

All Districts

SUBMITTING Agency/Department:

Sheriff-Coroner   (Approved)

Department contact person(s):

Ross Caouette (714) 647-1807 



Gary Lewellyn (949) 673-1025



Subject:  Approve the purchase of a 26 foot Aluminum Patrol Boat


      ceo CONCUR

County Counsel Review

Clerk of the Board


Approved Agreement to Form

Consent Calendar



3 Votes Board Majority




    Budgeted: Yes

Current Year Cost: $299,655

Annual Cost: N/A




    Staffing Impact:


# of Positions:

Sole Source: Yes

    Current Fiscal Year Revenue: N/A

  Funding Source: See Financial Impact Section

County Audit in last 3 years: No



    Prior Board Action: N/A




Authorize the County Purchasing Agent or Deputized designee to execute the sole source one-time purchase with Gravois Aluminum Boats dba Metal Shark of a 26 foot patrol boat in the amount of $299,655.







Approval of sole source one-time purchase of one 26 foot aluminum boat with Gravois Aluminum Boats dba Metal Shark will allow the Sheriff-Coroner Department to continue to conduct law enforcement patrols, search and rescue, medical emergencies, hazardous material response, Homeland Security responses to drug and human smuggling events, as well as vessel assists such as towing and pumping.






The Orange County Sheriff's Department Harbor Patrol Bureau is responsible for 24/7 maritime law enforcement, firefighting, and emergency response, serving as emergency first responders for everything in Orange County Harbors and coastline. The Orange County Sheriff's Department Harbor Patrol Bureau previously contracted with Gravois Aluminum Boats dba Metal Shark (Metal Shark) to build and supply patrol boats for use in the County’s harbors and coastline, and currently has one of these boats. The last boat Metal Shark built for the Sheriff’s was a result of an IFB issued by the Sheriff in July 17, 2020. 


These duty-specific vessels are essential for a safe and timely response to any waterborne emergency, and purchase of the Metal Shark vessel will allow the Sheriff to maintain standardization of our fleet, which will reduce issues with staff training, operations differences, maintenance, and parts inventory and cost. They are the same make, model, and layout as the boats used to train at the Maritime Law Enforcement Training Center (MLETC), where Orange County Deputies receive their basic and advanced certifications for Marine Law Enforcement. Additionally, Deputies assigned to the Bureau often operate in highly stressful emergencies. Deputies must be sure how a vessel will work in these emergencies. It is important that control panels, switches, drive sticks, and steering wheels are consistent from boat to boat, so the boat operator can make the control inputs safely and securely while enforcing laws, conducting rescues in rough seas, and stressful situations.  It is also essential for Deputies who operate boats to receive proper training on the operation of each vessel and that the marine mechanics that service and repair our fleet of boats receive training on the maintenance and repair of each boat. 


Consequently, these boats represent the uniformity and the standardization of our working fleet necessary to navigate the perils of daily activity. This vessel’s familiarity reinforces the safety and boating fundamentals learned by our deputies in training and mitigates the potential for accidents and County liability. The standardization of our fleet would aid in the proper diagnosis and timely repair of our fleet to keep them in service for our 24/7 business model.


Sheriff now requests Board approval of the Metal Shark sole source one-time purchase contract as noted in the Recommended Action.  This sole source purchase is at the same cost as the vessel purchased pursuant to the previous IFB.


This contract does not include subcontractors or pass through to other providers. Contractor performance has been confirmed as at least satisfactory. The Department has verified that there are no concerns that must be addressed with respect to contractor's ownership/name, litigation status or conflicts with County interests. The Orange County Preference policy is not applicable to this contract award.


This contract is submitted for Board approval less than 30 days prior to the effective start date so the funds may be encumbered this FY.






Appropriations for this contract are included in the Sheriff-Coroner’s FY 2021-22 Budget for Budget Control 060.  The contract contains language allowing the Sheriff-Coroner Department to terminate the contract without penalty with cause or after 30 days of written notice without cause in the event that funding is reduced and/or not available to continue funding the contract.













Attachment A - Contract Number PO-060-22011236
Attachment B - Sole Source Form