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Board of Supervisors

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County Executive Office   (Approved)

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Subject:  Amendment for Data Collection and Evaluation Services


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    Prior Board Action: 02/26/2019 #15, 10/18/2011 #21




Authorize the County Procurement Officer or authorized Deputy to execute Amendment Number One to the Master Agreement with The Regents of the University of California at Irvine for data collection and evaluation services of the County's Public Safety Realignment programs and services to limit the definition of recidivism as established by the Board of State and Community Corrections.







Approval of Amendment Number One of the contract with The Regents of the University of California at Irvine will allow for data collection, evaluation and an independent review of the County’s Public Safety Realignment programs and services consistent with the definition of recidivism established by the Board of State and Community Corrections.






In 2011, the Governor of California signed Assembly Bill (AB) 109, which addressed the overcrowding in California’s 33 prisons.  The law, effective October 1, 2011, mandates individuals convicted of non-serious, non-violent, non-sex offenses serve their sentences in county jails instead of state prison and established county-level supervision for non-violent, non-serious offenders released from prison through Post Release (County-Level) Community Supervision.  The 2011 Public Safety Realignment Act also altered the parole revocation process placing more responsibility on local jurisdictions; gave local public safety agencies the freedom to manage offenders in a more cost-effective manner; and charged the Community Corrections Partnership with planning and implementing 2011 Realignment in each county.  Additionally, as of July 1, 2013, parole violators are housed, prosecuted and tried locally.


On October 18, 2011, the Orange County Public Safety Realignment and Postrelease Community Supervision 2011 Implementation Plan (Realignment Plan) was adopted by the County of Orange Board of Supervisors (Board).  Over the past six years, the County has continued to follow the established Realignment Plan with programming in place that supports the additional responsibilities under the Realignment Plan while also protecting public safety utilizing evidence-based practices. 


On February 26, 2019, the Board approved the Master Agreement with The Regents of the University of California at Irvine to perform a study consisting of data collection and evaluation services related to the implementation and impact of the County’s AB 109 programs and services (Study).  The scope of the Study is to evaluate the impact of recidivism as defined by the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) and by the Board. 


During the course of the Study, however, it was determined that certain elements included in the Board-adopted definition of recidivism did not have sufficient or, in some cases, any data collected to perform the required analysis.  The BSCC defines recidivism as a conviction of a new crime committed within three years of release from custody or committed within three years of placement on supervision for a previous criminal conviction.  As of February 26, 2019, the Board-adopted definition expanded the BSCC definition to also include sustained parole or probation violations based on a new criminal offense or any lawful arrest that led to the filing of a law, probation or parole violation based on a new criminal offense and expanded the term to three years after termination of supervision.  


The Study will not only provide an analysis of the effectiveness of the programs put in place to address the realigned population and the impact on local recidivism, but also provide a current snapshot of the current realigned population including their needs and concerns and establish an ongoing evaluation framework.  By limiting the analysis to the BSCC definition of recidivism, it is anticipated there will be an immaterial impact to the value of the Study and there would be more benefits gained by moving the Study forward, such as the evaluation of current programs and a framework to capture data going forward.  


Approval of this Amendment Number One will revise the agreement to limit the Study to evaluate the impacts on local recidivism based on the definition established by the BSCC.   




















Attachment A - Amendment Number One with The Regents of UC 
Attachment B -  Amendment Number One with The Regents of UC - Redlined