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HTM Agenda Staff Report 1
PDF Att 1: 1st Amend Professional Services Master - St Attachments 1
Image Signed Agreement Manpower, Inc. Attachments 58
Image Signed Agreement Tonia Reyes Uranga Attachments 46
PDF Att 2: 1st Amend Trainig Services Master - Std Attachments 1
PDF Att 3:1st Amend Traning Services Master - Mutual Attachments 1
PDF Att 4: Strikethrough for 1st Amend Professional Se Attachments 1
PDF Att 5: Strikethrough for 1st Amend Trainig Svc - S Attachments 1
PDF Att 6: Strikethrough for 1st Amend Traning Svcs Ma Attachments 1