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Subject:  Community Corrections System Integrated Services 2025 Vision


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    Prior Board Action:          6/25/2019 #60, 6/11/2019 #2, 12/12/2017 #S42E






Receive and File the Community Corrections System: Integrated Services 2025 Vision Report.



Direct the County Executive Office to incorporate the Integrated Services Strategic Priorities, Action Items, Targets and Outcomes into the County’s Strategic Financial Plan.







Receiving and filing the Community Corrections System’s Integrated Services 2025 Vision Report and directing the County Executive Office to include its Strategic Priorities, Action Items, Targets and Outcomes into the County’s Strategic Financial Plan will allow for the County to implement the Integrated Services Strategy, which prioritize behavioral health prevention and reentry efforts, in-custody behavioral health treatment, in-custody vocational/educational programming and collaboration with courts as part of the larger effort to strengthen the County’s System of Care and promote public safety.






The Community Corrections System: Integrated Services 2025 Vision Report (Report) is the County’s action plan for reforms to Orange County’s criminal justice system that require the careful collaboration of multiple departments, including those articulated in the Stepping Up Report, which the Board of Supervisors (Board) received and filed on December 12, 2017. The Stepping Up Report assessed the County’s corrections system to identify points where diversion options to treatment are recommended for those suffering from mental illness and substance use disorders (SUD).


On June 11, 2019, the County Executive Office (CEO) presented its FY 2019-2020 budget, where the Integrated Services Strategy (Integrated Services) was presented to the Board and its five pillars focused on prevention, courts, in-custody treatments, reentry and juvenile/transitional age youth were presented to the Board for the first time.  The Board passed the FY 2019-20 Budget on June 25, 2019, which provided funds to begin the implementation of several programs under Integrated Services.


Integrated Services is overseen by the Orange County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (OCCJCC) chaired by Supervisor Andrew Do with Vice-Chair Supervisor Doug Chaffee. With the support and encouragement of Sheriff Don Barnes, County staff was directed to elevate Integrated Services into an action plan and strategic roadmap focused on measurable outcomes that impact the Community Corrections System. In order to do so, an offsite meeting was held on July 19, 2019, where County staff and external stakeholders held full discussions on each of the focus areas where the vision for Orange County was defined and a detailed plan outlined to achieve the goals.


This Report is the cumulative result of the offsite meeting and contains the 2025 Vision, along with the Strategic Priorities, Action Items, Targets and Outcomes the County will implement to achieve the vision. Some notable Action Items, Targets and Outcomes to be achieved by 2025 include:



Creation of 600 mental health beds, 45 Lanterman-Petris beds and 200 SUD treatment beds for the Adult in-custody population.



100 percent of Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies will complete Crisis Intervention Training.



In-custody programming focused on certification-based vocational training, criminogenic-focused programs and services collaboration will be enhanced to ensure exiting inmates are linked to appropriate services before exiting the jails.



Correctional Health Services staff providing services in the jails will increase by 177 positions to accommodate treatment needs.



A comprehensive and robust reentry system complete with warm-hand off, post-custody case management, transportation to and from services and treatment and housing.



The Community Corrections System is one of five systems under the County’s System of Care, which also includes behavioral health, healthcare, housing and benefits and support services. The Orange County System of Care is focused on providing enhanced care for its most vulnerable residents regardless of point of entry.


















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