Agenda Item   



                                                                                                                        ASR Control  19-000655




legal entity taking action:

Board of Supervisors and Orange County Flood Control District

board of supervisors district(s):

All Districts

SUBMITTING Agency/Department:

OC Public Works   (Approved)

Department contact person(s):

Khalid Bazmi (714) 667-3213 



Kevin Onuma (714) 647-3939



Subject:  Approve Contract Amendment No. 1 for Unarmed Security Guard Services


      ceo CONCUR

County Counsel Review

Clerk of the Board


No Legal Objection




3 Votes Board Majority




    Budgeted: Yes

Current Year Cost: $50,000

Annual Cost: N/A




    Staffing Impact:


# of Positions:

Sole Source: No

    Current Fiscal Year Revenue: N/A

  Funding Source: See Financial Impact Section

County Audit in last 3 years: No



    Prior Board Action: 5/19/2015 #48




Authorize the County Procurement Officer or authorized Deputy to execute Amendment No. 1 to amend the contract with AG Coast Incorporated, doing buisness as California Panther Security for Unarmed Security Guard Services, effective upon Board of Supervisors approval through June 30, 2020, to increase contract amount by $50,000 for a revised cumulative contract total amount not-to-exceed $1,800,000.







Approval of a Contract Amendment No. 1 with AG Coast Incorporated, doing buisness as California Panther Security for Unarmed Security Guard Services will allow for continued protection of the Seven Oaks Dam, Glassell Yard Complex and Collins Yard Complex.






Unarmed security guard services are required for the Seven Oaks Dam (Dam), Glassell Yard Complex and the Collins Yard Complex (Complexes) because of their location, size and/or the nature of these facilities. The Dam, due to its remote location making it vulnerable to vandalism and unauthorized entry, requires 24 hours a day, seven days a week security. The Complexes require security during non-business hours and holidays. These facilities cannot be completely locked down to prevent trespassing due to their size and various entrance and exit points.


The County of Orange (County) has used contract services for the provision of security guards since 2003. The Dam is in the City of Highland in San Bernardino County and is sponsored by the Orange County Flood Control District, Riverside County Flood Control District and San Bernardino County Flood Control District. The percentage of responsibility and cost shared among the sponsors are: County of Orange, 88 percent, Riverside County, five percent and San Bernardino County, seven percent.


On March 3, 2015, the County Procurement Office (CPO) awarded a Regional Cooperative Agreement (RCA) MA-017-15011469 to AG Coast Incorporated, doing business as (DBA) California Panther Security (Contractor) for Unarmed Security Guard Services (Services) as a result of an Invitation for Bid process for no maximum value.


On March 9, 2015, the CPO issued an RCA for the Services. According to the Contract Policy Manual (CPM), Section 1.1.1-102, CPOs are required to use the RCA and multi-agency contracts issued by the County Purchasing Agent.


On May 19, 2015, the Board of Supervisors (Board) approved Contract MA-080-15011581 (Contract) with the Contractor to provide Services, effective July 1, 2015, through June 30, 2020, in an amount not to exceed $1,750,000.


OC Public Works is requesting Board approval to authorize the CPO or authorized deputy to execute Amendment No. 1 to the Contract with the Contractor for Services, effective upon Board approval through June 30, 2020, to increase the Contract amount by $50,000, for a revised cumulative Contract total amount not-to-exceed $1,800,000 to cover the costs throughout the remainder of the Contract. The Contract amount has increased due to the increase in minimum wage.


In accordance with Section 3.3-102 of the CPM, approval by the Board is required for all service contracts where, for any year of the Contract, the annual value to any one contractor exceeds $100,000.


This Contract does not currently include subcontractors or pass through to other providers. See Attachment B for the Contract Summary Form.


Compliance with CEQA:  This action is not a project within the meaning of CEQA Guidelines Section 15378 and is therefore not subject to CEQA since it does not have the potential for resulting in either a direct physical change in the environment, or a reasonably foreseeable indirect physical change in the environment. The approval of this agenda item does not commit the County to a definite course of action in regard to a project since it is a subordinate Contract for unarmed guard services. This proposed activity is therefore not subject to CEQA. Any future action connected to this approval that constitutes a project will be reviewed for compliance with CEQA.






Appropriations and Revenue for this Contract are included in the FY 2019-20 Budget as follows: Fund 400, OC Flood, 65 percent; Fund 115, OC Road, 15 percent; Fund 296, Fleet Services, 6 percent; Fund 034, Watersheds, 4 percent; Fund 270, Fleet CNG, 3 percent; Fund 080, General Fund 2 percent and San Bernardino County and Riverside County Flood Control Districts, 5 percent.


The proposed Contract includes a provision stating the Contract is subject, to and contingent upon, applicable budgetary appropriations being approved by the Board for each fiscal year during the term of this Contract. If such appropriations are not approved, this Contract may be immediately terminated without penalty to the County.










Attachment A - MA-080-15011581 Amendment No. 1 with AG Coast Incorporated, DBA California Panther Security
Attachment B - Contract Summary Form
Attachment C - Contract MA-080-15011581 with AG Coast Incorporated, DBA California Panther Security - Redline
Attachment D - Regional Cooperative Agreement MA-017-15011469