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Board of Supervisors

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All Districts

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County Executive Office   (Approved)

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Charles Eckstrom (714) 834-3755 



Mai Le (714) 834-7213



Subject:  Fourth Quarter FY 2015-16 Information Technology Project Progress Report


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Receive and file the Quarterly Information Technology Project Progress Detail Report for Fourth Quarter FY 2015-16.







Receiving and filing the Fourth Quarter FY 2015-16 Information Technology Project Progress Report provides the Board and the public with an update on the status of major County technology projects.





Since 2006, the County Executive Office, Office of Information Technology (OCIT), Project Management Office (PMO) has reported quarterly on the status of Information Technology (IT) projects costing $150,000 or more. The project status is gathered from County agency/department Project Managers and verified by the PMO. The fourth quarter IT Project Report covering the period April 1 – June 30, 2016, is included with this Agenda Staff Report (ASR).

The number of IT projects has increased to 18, from six in fourth quarter FY 2014-15, nine in first quarter FY 2015-16, and 16 in third quarter FY 2015-16. One key new project is the development of an HRS Data Analytics platform, which will replace the aging Personnel Data Warehouse and will enable faster and better decision making and workforce planning capabilities. The other new project initiated during this quarter is the acquisition and configuration of a Project Information Management System that will serve as a standard Countywide system for managing capital improvement projects.

The project portfolio for this quarter has a total budget of almost $40,000,000, an increase of approximately 14% from last quarter. All of the projects are on budget and schedule. A notable accomplishment during this period is the successful completion of User Acceptance Testing of the single sign on (SSO) capability for the Virtual Timecard Interface (VTI) that allows users to access VTI without having to enter employee ID or password. Another accomplishment is the completion of the replacement of the end-of-life hardware platform for the Countywide Accounting and Payroll System (CAPS+), a vital component of the County’s infrastructure.

Attachment A of this ASR provides the status of these projects.














Attachment A - Fourth Quarter FY 2015-16 IT Project Progress Report