Agenda Item   



                                                                                                                        ASR Control  21-000538




legal entity taking action:

Board of Supervisors

board of supervisors district(s):

All Districts

SUBMITTING Agency/Department:

Health Care Agency   (Approved)

Department contact person(s):

Marc Meulman (714) 834-2980 



Margaret Bredehoft (714) 834-3932



Subject:  Ratify Agreement for Provision of Vaccine Engagement Program


      ceo CONCUR

County Counsel Review

Clerk of the Board


Approved Agreement to Form




3 Votes Board Majority




    Budgeted: No

Current Year Cost:   N/A

Annual Cost: N/A




    Staffing Impact:


# of Positions:            

Sole Source:   N/A

    Current Fiscal Year Revenue: $4,500,000

  Funding Source:      State: 100% (GovOps Vaccine Program)

County Audit in last 3 years: No



    Prior Board Action:         N/A






Approve and authorize Health Care Agency Director or designee to ratify Agreement Number GOVOPS-C2084 with California Government Operations Agency for provision of Vaccine Engagement Program for the term of May 1, 2021, to January 31, 2022, for a total amount of $4,500,000.



Authorize the Health Care Agency Director, or designee, to execute such future amendments to the Agreement referenced above that do not change the Agreement’s original amount by more than 10 percent and/or do not make immaterial changes to the original scope of work.






Approval of Agreement Number GOVOPS-C2084 with the California Government Operations Agency for the Vaccine Engagement Program will enable the Health Care Agency to accelerate COVID-19 vaccines to the most vulnerable high-risk populations in Orange County.








As of June 27, 2021, 68 percent (approx. 1.8 million) of our 2.7 million eligible (12 years of age and older) Orange County residents have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The goal for general/herd immunity is at minimum 70 percent, and Orange County still needs to reach approximately at least 60,000 residents - among whom are the hardest to reach or, otherwise, encourage to receive the vaccine. Furthermore, vaccination efforts will need continuous support until we have better understanding and stability with COVID 19 infection rate.


The Agreement with California Government Operations Agency (GovOps) for the provision of Vaccine Engagement Program will support HCA’s efforts to achieve this target by providing an opportunity for community members to nominate collaboratives, volunteers and other organizations (especially targeting smaller groups that are in hard to reach communities) for an opportunity to earn a coordination fee of $20 per individual that receive their first dose at the specific event (minimum 50 individuals per event). HCA plans to use a subcontractor and will return to your Honorable Board of Supervisors for approval of such contract, to administer the Vaccine Engagement Program. 


HCA will conduct the following activities of the Vaccine Engagement Program:



Coordinate all Program efforts including conducting intake assessments, criteria validation and reconciliation, GovOps reporting and funding compliance.


Design digital application, sign-up and event scheduling features.


Lead the development of public health messaging, design outreach activities and initiate engagement and health promotion services.


Coordinate community collaboratives and work on capacity building with all partners.


Tap into corporate giving by engaging local businesses for donations, to create a matching gift program, and generate other ideas for opportunities to increase the engagement opportunity.


Implement the engagement program including launching application module, managing sign-ups and coordinating events; maintain communications with organizations regarding progress.


Design and distribute a community resource kit for event promotion and operations.


Activate clinic coordination and evaluate clinic performance.


Partner with a third-party to assist with completion of Letter of Interests/Memorandums of Understanding, confirm requirements met and manage the distribution of payments.


This Agreement contains indemnification provisions that differ from the County standard. County Executive Office/Risk Management reviewed the indemnification clause and found the risk to be acceptable to obtain funding.






If additional appropriations and revenue for this Agreement are needed, Budget Control 042 will submit a Mid-Year Budget Adjustment request.










Attachment A – Standard Agreement with California Government Operations Agency: GOVOPS-C2084
Attachment B - Risk Assessment Form