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Board of Supervisors

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District Attorney   (Approved)

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Subject:  Orange County Crime Victims' Monument Site and Design


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    Prior Board Action: 04/19/2013 #51




Approve the relocation and new designation of the Orange County Crime Victims’ Monument from Mason Regional Park in Irvine to the District Attorney and Sheriff-Coroner Department buildings at 300 North Flower Street in Santa Ana.







Approval of the relocation of the Orange County Crime Victims' Monument to 300 North Flower Street in Santa Ana will allow the District Attorney's Office to create a site, at no cost to the County, where prosecutors, law enforcement and members of the public may commemorate victims of violent crime.






On April 9, 2013, the Board of Supervisors (Board) approved the designation of the Orange County Crime Victims’ Monument (Crime Victims’ Monument) at Mason Regional Park in Irvine and a design competition for the monument in concept. The Crime Victims' Monument Design Competition was announced during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week in April 2013.


The competition was intended to create a monument that would pay tribute to crime victims and promote hope, healing and remembrance for those touched by crime. The Crime Victims’ Monument will also offer a place of solace and contemplation for crime victims and their families.


On November 19, 2013, then Supervisor Todd Spitzer announced the five semi-finalists in the Crime Victims’ Monument Design Competition.  On April 29, 2014, a finalist was selected to design the monument.  A committee of volunteers was to raise the $425,000 cost estimate to construct the monument. Construction has been delayed as the volunteers have not been able to raise sufficient funds.


To expedite the process of designing, developing and constructing the Crime Victims’ Monument, as well as significantly reducing the cost, the District Attorney proposes to re-scale the project to include a minor landscape upgrade and a centerpiece in the form of a boulder or piece of art. The monument will also be relocated to the District Attorney’s new headquarters at 300 North Flower Street in Santa Ana, where a common courtyard is shared with the Sheriff Department.  The shared space is an ideal location for the Crime Victims’ Monument because it would be an accessible gathering place for prosecutors, law enforcement, victims of crime and their families. 


The District Attorney will work with the Sheriff Department on an agreed upon design, which is expected to be a small but meaningful landscape tribute. The project will be completed within the budget of the amount of funds currently raised for the monument, and no additional County funds are necessary. It is anticipated that the subject improvements will not qualify as a capital improvement.


The new designation will coincide with the National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, which will be observed April 18-24, 2021.






No General Funds are required for this project.










Attachment A - Crime Victims' Monument Location